Cancel & Refund Policy

We at “” secure and respect the privacy of our users. We are strictly compliant of the global privacy policies/ guidelines in order to safeguard your interests. We collect personal information about our users in order to serve them for our products, services and support. Please go through of our policy regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data of users when you use our products/ services. This Privacy Policy also includes the guidelines issued by the European Union (EU), in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By using our service(s), you hereby agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this Policy. We do not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy.


  • "Website" shall means the Designzoned website ( developed by the Company and accessed by user in pursuance of this Policy.
  • "Communication” shall means any communications from Company, such as Service announcements, administrative messages, SMS, newsletters and other promotional materials.
  • "Client” shall include any User who is registered as a ‘Client’ on our website shall not include a Designer.
  • "Confidential Information" shall include without limitation: (a) trade secrets, and (b) proprietary and confidential information, ideas, samples, media, techniques, drawings, works of authorship, models, inventions, know-how, processes , algorithms, and software object and source code related to the past, current and future products and services of each of the parties, including information concerning research, development, design specifications, engineering, financial matters, Users, investors, employees, business relationships, business plans, forecasts, sales and marketing plans, marketing materials and strategies; passwords and access codes; Intellectual Property of the Company and any other information regarding the foregoing that is disclosed to the User.
  • Confidential Information shall not include any information that (i) has become part of the public domain through no fault or breach of the User; or (ii) is already known to the User otherwise than through a breach of the confidentiality provisions of any agreements between the Parties.
  • "Design” means and includes any design submitted by a Designer to the Client under a Contest and / or any Design submitted for sale on the Design Shop.
  • "Designer” shall include any User who is registered as a ‘Designer’ with the Website and shall not include a Client.
  • “Party” or “Parties” shall mean and include the Company, the Designer and / or the Client as may be relevant to the context.
  • “Personal Data” shall include any data and or information that the Client provides the Company for the purpose of Registration or accessing and using any Services and / or the Website under this Privacy Policy.

The Personal Data that We Collect and User Rights

We collect Personal and Non-Personal Information of our Users.

The Personal Information is collected during the process of registration/ signup on our Website i.e., name, email and contact details. Users payment/ banking/ financial details are also being collected for billing purposes, however the User use third party payment gateways to make and receive payments.

Whereas, the Non-Personal information is collected automatically by the system when any User visit our Website, which includes i.p. address, access time, browser and language.

These data are collected for the sole purpose of our records. We never share/ sell/ transfer Users Personal Data without consent.

    Our European Users has the following rights with respect to their Personal Data as per the GDPR Regulations.
  • Right to receiving a copy of your Personal Data held with us and status of its lawful use.
  • Right to request for correction of your Personal Data that we hold.
  • Right to remove/ delete your Personal Data.
  • Right to object to processing your Personal Data to any third party.
  • Right to restrict/ suspend processing of your Personal Data under certain circumstances.
  • Right to request for transferring your Personal Data to self or any third party.
  • Right to withdraw your consent to process your Personal Data.
  • Right to lodge complain with the appropriate authority in case of violation of the applicable laws. To exercise the mentioned rights you may write us at or contact us through “Contact Us” link on our Website.
    • How We Use Your Information

  • To provide Designzoned products/ services and resolve your queries.
  • To share information, updates, offers about our products/ services and user subscription.
  • To prepare reports, analyze data and pull out meaningful information to serve you better.
  • To process financial transactions.
  • To comply with legal and regulatory requirements and our policies.
  • For the reasons apart from above mentioned, to market and promote the Services and to protect our interests and rights.
    • With Whom We Share Your Personal Data

      We may share your Personal and Non-Personal Data to the below mentioned third parties to serve you better and for growth and development of the Company.

    • With our affiliates/ business partners / service providers/ researchers who are bound by contractual obligations, to know the status of service(s) being used by user to improve their experience and help managing relationship.
    • With Professionals i.e., accountants, auditors, lawyers, bankers and insurers to advise us on the services being offered to our users.