Logo Design Ideas

By Shreya Srivastava


Logo Design Ideas

The Discovery of new logo ideas for personal branding or business branding requires creativity and business understanding. Creativity is something that no one can teach. One can take inspiration from other designers working in the same industry. There is a lot of thinking that goes behind logo designing.

Before building your thoughts, a designer has to dig into the client's mind to get what our client's expectation, vision, and what they actually want to be represented as. Every brand has different needs and expectations because of differences in what they sell and whom they sell. A brand logo is the first thing that gets the attention. So, it is worth investing time and money in its design process.

If you need some inspiration for logo designing, you can browse the methods and techniques elaborated below.

Some methods and techniques that help you to be creative and generate your logo design ideas.

  1. Mindmapping
  2. Sketching
  3. Picture-board
  4. Examine Client's Business
  5. Do Experiment
  6. Instagram
  7. Dribbble
  8. Behance


Mindmapping is a process of simplifying learning the complex subject matter. This technique is not only used by students but also used by designers to get huge ideas. It helps in finding out new concepts in a fun way to improve productivity and creativity. It is done to find clarity in the new project.

The process requires just pencil and paper. Write down the brand name in the center of the page and then write down every word that comes to mind. Don't miss to write any idea. Make a proper list of words that represent the brand in some manner. List out the adjectives related to the brand name. Write down words representing the emotions of the company.

There are so many apps available that designers can use to create a mind map and logo ideas. Like Coggle, Miro, Whimsical.


A creative designer always carries a sketchbook and loves to sketch to bring more ideas to board. It is deniable that sketching is considered the best way to come up with more creative ideas. It allows liberty to explore the imagination. Sketching concepts help designers to provide different and rare designs to their clients.

There are so many popular and big brands, whose famous logo designs have been brought into life through sketching. Like, Nike, Pinterest, Citibank, and many more. Simply take a pencil-paper and start drawing whatever comes to your mind just by listening company's name. The logo designing journey starts from rough sketching only. And you never know that the committed mistakes may result in something unique design.

A few points to keep in mind while sketching:

  • Understand Brand Name
  • Elements Associated with Brand
  • Use Pencil Colors

Picture board:

Picture-board is a collage of pictures that represents the client's brand in some manner. This board inspires the designers for logo design ideas. This process of gathering pictures related to the brand helped many designers to bring the best logo designs. Seeing pictures, again and again, a person can visualize many ideas. Pictures widen the dimensions of the imagination.

A picture board is something that helps a designer to stick with the client's expectations. Designers imagine a lot about designing and in that process sometimes they get deviated from the planned outcome. So, a picture board draws a boundary line to work within.

Picture-board can be framed on a physical board or on any software. You can search for pictures on the Google search engine and download them. Or else you can explore the widely used platform Pinterest for interesting images. And there are many other websites that offer the visitor to download free images.

Breakdown of the picture board into categories makes the process much simpler. Segregate the pictures for color inspiration, texture inspiration, feature images, etc. Categorize the process according to the requirement of the logo design.

Examine Client's Business:

Designers must educate themselves about clients' businesses. The more you know about the company, the better ideas you get to design the logo. Having point-to-point knowledge of your client's business environment helps in creating designs that speak about the company.

But many clients don't have clarity about what they want in the logo, ask for documents that can help designers to build some ideas related to the client's vision. The documents provide information regarding competitors, customer personas, branding style, and references that can guide about client's expectations with logo design. It is always important to have a conversation with the sales team of the company to better understand your customer's customer.

The designers working for a specific industry only like "Apparel Industry", it's easy for them to design a logo without understanding much about the industry. But if you are an independent logo designer you should prepare a set of questionnaires that can help you understand any new company before taking up the project.

A set of questions that you should ask from the client:

  • What is the name of your company?
  • What is their slogan or tagline, if any?
  • The company falls under which industry?
  • What's the target audience including age, gender, and geographical location?
  • Ask, if the client has some ideas to contribute to the process of logo designing?
  • Is there any specific color and font requirement?
  • Is there any color or anything else to avoid?

Do Experiment:

A designer can expel in the field of designing by inculcating the habit of always experimenting with the things on hand. There are many ways to experiment with the designs. Experimenting opens door to the innovation of unique design.

Designers generally experiment with their own designs and another way is to experiment with other designers' logos. Designers always keep their designs saved in the database to use them for other projects by making few logo ideas changes in it. Browse through the portfolio websites and check the top designer's designs.

Take inspiration from those designs and find a design you love to experiment with changes in colors, tone, shapes, icons, typography, typeface, line, or font choice.


Instagram is a free social media platform where users can share photos and videos. And it comes one of the best logo design ideas. Social media is a popular way to connect with brands, celebrities, thought leaders, friends, and family. So, it allows you to get connected with the top designers in your industry. Great way to fetch knowledge from the logo designers community around the world.

Designers share their knowledge free of cost through a post on Instagram. Newbees in the designing field can simply follow their account to stay updated in their industry.

There are various accounts that collect and share logos and brand identities. They show the process of creating logos, grids, and real applications. And several posts feature illustrations also. There is an interesting mix of illustrative characters combined with bold colors in the collection of logo design work. Such accounts are easily accessible that anyone can easily visit and have a look at their collection to take inspiration.

Follow accounts like @logoinspirations, @logonew, @logoawesome, @logo.inspire


Design and creative professionals use Dribbble to market themselves and network with other professionals. This platform provides an interactive space for designers and creative talent around the globe. They can discover and connect with the other designers on Dribbble. It gives a chance to the logo designers to stay up to date with the latest trends in their industry, observe others' work and get valuable feedback on their work.

Dribbble account develops creativity in users, and Dribbble helps some of the most design-forward businesses in the world, including and, to get exposure for their design teams and to hire creative talent. Designers can explore more designs for their client's industry and inspiration for designing new logos.


It is owned by Adobe and functions as a social media platform. The logo designers can maintain the portfolio on the site. The website hosts displays and showcase the work of artists, photographers, designers, and other content creators.

Visiting such a portfolio website gives you the opportunity to view other peoples' work and gain inspiration for your own logo design. It also displays many latest logo designs. A designer can use the website as a design library for reference. You can use the concepts for your clients.

Have you already started designing the logo for the client? This can help you no matter what industry you are designing for.